Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Surf4Bargains Newsletter 1-12-2011

We will display the Weekly Top 5 125x125 Logos in the Wednesday Newsletter. If you know or think you will be in the top 5 for the week, please send us your 125x125 logo and the URL that you wish to use by Tuesday at Midnight.
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NEW Bonus Feature
This week (1/12/11-1/19/11), for each 100 sites you surf, we will give you 100 banner hits. (this will not apply on Auto Surf Days)
How it works: Put in ONE support ticket, via the members tools page, daily to let us know how much you surfed that day.
We will verify the number of surfs and credit your account.
The more you surf the more credits you receive.
Surf 'n Chat Party
We are going to have a Surf Party! When and what time is up to our members
Please click HERE to vote on what day of the week and time of day you wish to have our Surf 'n Chat Party.
Lifetime Membership Sale
For a limited time, our Lifetime Membership is ½ off!!!
Upgrade your current membership or create a new account and upgrade HERE. One-time payment and you are set.


Top 5 Surfers This week!

Surfer's Name Surfed
Classiques@ecrater 11713
Elisia's Shoppe @ Ecrater 10475
VintageSadieBell 7453
American Tradition Cookie Cutters 6184
Traceys Web 5582

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