Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why Promote Your Products on Surf4Bargains?

Why Promote Your Products In Our Traffic Exchange?

The idea is simple really. You login and view other member’s products or special announcements and earn hit credits for each page that you view. Then, you use these credits to allow your product to display in rotation. When your products are displayed, you are using credits, so you also need to earn credits. Credits used equals products viewed!

You can also be selective in your window surfing by choosing the category you would like to surf. Our category structure is designed to provide a new way to surf and shop. You will find general product categories such as Goods, PLUS you will also find Sales Alerts!

Our rules are simple:

  • Pages submitted to each category need to be appropriate to the category.
  • The pages you submit must be shopping related and display at least one product for purchase on the landing page or be a Sales Alert web page.
  • Sales Alerts can be a special promotions, limited time offers, contests related to buying, discounts, clearances, or other special events related to shopping and/or specific products.
  • Max 5 duplicate URLS, Banner Images, and Text ads.

Because we are committed to the promotion of a place to Window Shop while surfing, the above mentioned web pages are the only type we are accepting. So we can not accept other Traffic Exchange sites, blog pages (unless to a post of a Sales Alert), Top 100s, or any other non-product related page, even if they are shopping related. So ONLY Product & Sales Alert web pages are accepted.

Join today and see how Surf4Bargains can bring your site more traffic and more sales!

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