Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Surf4Bargains & Hibidder Surfing Contest, 2/9/10 ~ 2/16/11

Surfing Contest
Wednesday, 2/9/11 ~ Wednesday, 2/16/11

Surf4Bargains and HiBidder are joining up for a week long surfing Competition
It will run from Wednesday February 9th through the next Wednesday, February 16th
Log into your Surf4Bargains account and surf...easy as that!
Please add HB in your S4B username so everyone will know that you are surfing for HiBidder and prizes

HiBidder Prizes:
 1st Place Winner
**One (1) month of banner impressions on both HiBidder and HiBidder Network
**Two (2) Store Showcases in the month of February

 2nd Place Winner
**One (1) month of banner impressions on HiBidder
**One (1) Store Showcase

HiBidder Bonus:
**The first HiBidder member to surf over 6,000 for the week, HiBidder will buy a pro membership of $2.50 a month for 3 months for the person. Remember you are NOT counted unless you have HB somewhere in your username on Surf4Bargains

Surf4Bargains Prizes:
**Top 5 Surfers will be featured in the Weekly S4B Newsletter, on the S4B Home Page, and on the S4B Blog

**HiBidder Members who sign up for a new Surf4Bargains account during the month of February will receive extra hits. Put in a S4B Ticket to let us know you are a HB Member and created a new S4B account

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